Web Designing and Web Development Course in Delhi, India

Initially a website goes through the two basic process- Web design and Web Development. Web design is for the user whereas web development is for functioning of a website and processing of the website. We can say that web development is a part of back-end of a website. The design part of a website have less interaction with coding, if any.

Web designing and web development course at ADMEC Multimedia Institute lets make you to explore the career opportunity in web design and web development. Our web designing and web development course is designed in such a way that it’s cover all aspects, which starts from basics to advance level.

This course is suitable for all the students, who are interested to looking career in web design and development field. Students having basic knowledge of computer can complete this course easily. If you are 10th, 12th, graduation, fresher, working professional, than you can complete this course also.

During the course, we provide all essential concepts and techniques which is necessary according to industry requirements. Our all expertise trainers having more than 10 years experience in this field. They offer immense practical learning and training in web design and web development.

For more information about our short term and long term web design, web development, and web promotion courses you can visit:


For our course curriculum and assistance, you can mail us at info@admecindia.co.in. You can also contact us from live chat available at our website.


AngularJS Master Course in Delhi, India

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework for developing Single Page Application(SPA). It is written in Javascript itself. It is mainly used to develop web applications. Some features of Angular JS is given below:

  • Being a JS framework codes written are reusable

  • Plugins can be easily installed in already develop projects

  • Large community

  • Because of MVC pattern server load is reduced.

Boost your skills in Angular JS by getting trained at Web Development Institute in Delhi. Here students will get a learning environment and proper teaching methodology. The course content starts from very basic level and gradually advances upto professional level. The training in Angular JS is purely job oriented covering all important topics for interview purpose as well as when working over it.

Main highlights of our training are:

  • World class infrastructure

  • Library facility

  • Study Material

  • Job Assistance

  • Doubt session classes

  • Lab facility

  • Real time project training after course completion

  • Cooperative trainers

  • Special Workshops

  • Placement Assistance

Candidates who have a knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVC, DOM, functions, events and error handling will be the extra benefit to them.

About the Course:

The duration of course will be 2 months. During this entire course student will learn about filters, controller in AngularJS, working with models, integration of AngularJS with Twitter Bootstrap, creating app etc. Working on live project after completion of the course will give a 360 degree insights on the framework. The course is designed for professionals also to enhance their skills in developing rich client applications.

Be an AdWords Professional by Getting PPC Training in Delhi

Pay-Per Click(PPC) is a paid SEO technique for ranking of keywords in search results in search engines. Unlike organic results, here the user has to pay some amount for every click and rest process like keyword research is same as for organic SEO. Here in PPC ranking of a keyword is decided by bidding process. It is almost an auction process where the highest amount bidder will get the top position in SERP’s. When any one click on your ad the required amount is paid from Cost Per Click(CPC) from the budget.

While running a PPC Ad campaign always look for the following points:

  • Choose proper keyword that matches the user requirement with point to point ad text.
  • Make an ad text that user is expecting after clicking on the ad.
  • Ad text is relevant to the keyword contained within each ad group.

The main advantage of PPC is that you have the full control what you are spending. One can set limit on both Cost-Per-Click and daily expenditures on campaign. The great thing is that these paid ads have no effect if Google algorithms changes once you set a profitable campaign. There are many tools to check how the competitor is using PPC so that you will know better where to do improvements.

ADMEC Multimedia is a professional training institute in Delhi for PPC and advance AdWords training. During the training period all essential concepts of AdWords are given to the students including both organic and paid search results. Our PPC course is designed keeping in mind the students need and working professionals.

Training in Google AdWords Master Course includes online advertising concepts, benefits of AdWords in business, explanation of Google Webmasters tool, creating account in Adword campaign, keyword research tools, creating first ad group and other SEO and PPC concepts.

Source: http://webdevelopmentinstitute.tumblr.com/post/144852593947/be-an-adwords-professional-by-getting-ppc-training

Web Development Training with Real Time Project

Web development generally refers to build a website for online presence on the internet. The website may be a static website or dynamic website. Due to the continuous growth and demands of products or services online, importance of website and IT industry are on pick.

Now a days there are number of institutes offering web development training with the promise that they will give the chance to work on live projects. But few of them fulfill their promise after completion of course. Working on a live project under the guidance of a trained professional gives confidence and improve skills at the professional level to face the industry challenges. Live projects are helpful in implementing all the things that one has learned during the training program. In other words live projects polishes the theoretical knowledge which provides the way to crack the toughest interview from the experience and learning skills.

So if you are looking for a professional institute who grooms your complete skills in web development field, then Web Development Institute in Delhi is the leading institute in this field offering a complete package of web development training by experienced faculties. The institute is always involves to do something out of the box. So with this concepts every students are given an opportunity to work on live projects included in our curriculum. Additionally we uploads the projects on our website to showcase their skills to every one. You can visit our website portfolio page and check our student portfolio.

Our Training Benefits

1. The training will provide an environment to students with the working environment of an IT company.

2. Student will learn to work in a team.

3. Provide best proven practices.

4. To increase confidence level among the students.

Web Development Institute not only known for its quality education but also stands out for the placements. Many students from this institute are placed in a well established company. We offer live project training along-with our course training to MCA, B.E/B.Tech, M.tech, B.C.A,M.C.A, Diploma, professional etc, students.

The Importance of Video Editing in Post Production

Video editing now a days is not a difficult task. In early days editing a video was a challenging process because that time the technology was not so advanced as now. Now even shooting a video is as easy as walking a one step. Every one have a smartphones in their pocket. They instantly shoot the video and upload videos online. But there is a huge difference in shooting video with mobile phones and a high quality, well shooted video. A video is said to be well produced and high quality only when it goes through video editing and sound mixing during post production.

Why to Use Post Production

A video without going through production process is just like a without make-up. Much of the work is needed behind the scenes after the cameras are done rolling. A lot of careful work is required. Because even a small poor work will reflects in the eye of the people because of regular habit of watching lots of video on regular basis. Spoiled or bad choices such as poor timing, awkward cuts are not able to convey proper message and the video will not satisfy the visual requirement. Remember that a good video is an investment to success.

Modern editing software’s allows to arrange the clippings whatever order according to the requirement. We can try different footage’s and different takes. Speaking directly over the camera versus recording of the voice creates much difference. So combining these two by putting them all together is the value of the post production process.

Basic Editing Tips

If you want to be a part of post production process then it must needs a proper post production training under the experts because the software’s used are very big and complex, each tool and functionalities should be learned properly.

But still if you want to do it yourself then first do investment in copyrighted video editing software’s like Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro etc. After that decide what the message is and focus everything on it. Do experiment with the software and see what happens. Improve the editing by regularly watching the outputs and take feed-backs.

Internet Marketing Courses in Delhi, India

With the continuous growing of internet market from past few years, the market has crossed the population of about 3 Billion and still growing in continuous rate. Peoples are now purchasing every thing online. Internet marketing is also called as digital marketing, which means marketing which is done through the electronic medium. With the massive increase in this field demand of trained professional in this field increases. For those who know only about career in software development and website development this field is new to them.

Many students and working professionals are looking to get a chance to work in this field of internet marketing. If you look for a search trend for the keyword “digital marketing courses” both globally as well as in India, we see that the graph is continuously rising in every year.

To get the knowledge in this field or if you want to make career in this field some points should be remember because it seems to be easy as surfing on the internet but it is more than that. Here are some points to choose for desired institute or course structure:

  • Certification: Getting a professional training from a certified institute. A well known certified institute adds value to your CV apart from your qualifications and skills. Opt for certificate course from educational bodies and corporates.
  • Faculty Experience: Before joining any institute make sure to know about faculty experience and most important course curriculum. Go through the curriculum in detail and ensure that all topic should be covered.
  • Reviews: Get reviews from the pass out students about the institute. Visit the official website, Facebook account to know more about the training institute in a better way.
  • Placements: Explore the placement records and ask about the live projects training after completion of the training.

There are lots of training institutes in Delhi that provides classroom training in internet marketing courses as well as online training. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is a leading institute in Delhi which provides professional and quality training in internet marketing courses. Our Internet Marketing Expert Course is advanced 4 months course covering all important topics from basic to advanced level.

The reason behind to join ADMEC is that the institute is giving his quality education services from last 10 years continuously by expert faculty with maximum students placed in well established course. The institute also received ISO certification. Main aim of our institute is not to teach for results, but to discuss results to teach you.

Career Options:

By doing this course one can be an Internet Marketing Expert, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Expert, Off Page SEO expert etc.

Topics Covered in Internet Marketing Training:

  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Social Media Optimization
  • PPC Marketing
  • Google Analytics and Reports
  • Email Marketing

You can get a new environment and learning opportunities for generating ideas in this field. All the training is done simultaneously on live project as well. The mode of training available is both online and classroom.

Avoid Common Mistakes During SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a process to improve ranking of keywords in SERP(Search Engine Result Page ). SEO is time taken process to build online presence of websites, document, audio, video etc. For getting ranked in search engine we must have a patience, well optimize website, knowledge of search engine guidelines and also search engine terms and conditions etc.

All the search engines like: google, bing, duck-duckgo, baidu, yandex etc, have a their own guidelines, terms and conditions to display result in result page. So for getting best ranking of website we must have to work considering these search engines.

Some important factors of website to rank in Search Engines:

  • URL Structure
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Tag
  • Meat Description
  • Robot.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Internal Linking
  • Content(text, logo, favicon, image, menu,color, header, footer, )
  • Back link
  • website speed
  • Anchor Text
  • keywords
  • Social Metrices
  • Codes
  • Traffic

Normally a well maintain websites takes three months to rank. If after working more our website is not rank in SERP then there is surely something is not right. In this situation, we must have to analysis our website from beginning

In many cases after doing all thing correct a few common mistake always happens which is mention below:

1. Not Optimizing For Local Search: By optimizing local search customer focuses in certain city or region. Most search engines handle the local keywords in a different manner than other global keywords.

Try to include local keywords in page title or in meta keywords description. Additionally add local information like phone number and address in footer of the web page so that chances of showing local results will increase.

2. Not optimizing for right keywords: Keywords should as specific as possible. For eg ‘web design’ in the beginning is difficult to rank than ‘web design services in Delhi‘. As your website become old and get authorized one can optimize for more competitive keywords.

3. Title Tag and Meta Tag are not unique: Having company name or website name in title is such a blunder mistake that often several websites do. Each and every page should have unique title because page title are used in tweets when bookmarked by someone. So a unique and descriptive title are highly important.

4. Dont Use Same Anchor Text for Every Link: Always do some variations in anchor text, use the phrase, name of a company or one can use URL for natural look to visitors. Same keywords should not be repeated more than 50 percent.

5. Poor Quality Content: Hiring low paid article writers and using spin content is not recommended in SEO. It makes a bad impression on visitors. Visitors already know the quality of uniqueness. Once the visitor lost the confidence getting them back is much harder. So write only original content.

6. Not taking advantage of Great Design for links: There are several CSS design galleries that offers linking to your website based on having a great design. If website design is unique than you can submit to few sites for high quality links.

7. Start Fixing:

A regular watch on the site is an easy way to avoid such gaps in SEO and do fix as soon as possible. Start making as a habit to audit the reports daily from analytic tool to ensure that website is visible and ranking.