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WordPress and Drupal Course in Delhi

WordPress and Drupal both are the CMS based platform used for website development. Creating an effective and responsive website in above CMS is very easy due to the availability of ready-made plugins and themes. Any one who is new in this field can start their own business and can save both time and money. However one should be very careful in choosing between these two platforms, for website ranking in SEO. Both WordPress and Drupal are best individually, but WordPress have gained much popularity as compared to Joomla.

WordPress have many advantages like updating the website is easy having a little knowledge of coding and can be done within a minute. Availability of number of plugins helps the developer to make a website that fulfill all the needs. Websites built in WordPress are full search engine optimized and responsive. Online user communities and plenty of tools are some of the factors that makes the web development in WordPress easy and convenient.

However apart from WordPress, Drupal is also not to be ignored for number of reasons given below:

  • Written in PHP, less compatibility issue

  • Multilingual CMS platform

  • Front-end editing

  • Menu Manager

  • Good Extensibility

  • Advanced modules such as views which reduces need of code customization magically

Web Development Institute located at Delhi offers the professional and quality WordPress and Drupal training courses. The institute is established for the web designing and development needs for the students who wants to go in web development field. Continuing this tradition we conduct regular classes on both CMS and coding platform. So if you are looking for the Drupal and WordPress training institute then join our web development institute for getting proper learning environment and subject guidance from our web expert faculty.

Our 100% job assistance is the added advantage after completion of the successful training so that students can only focus on their studies without worrying about the job.



CMS Training Institute in North Delhi

Content Management System is basically a software in which websites are developed with easy maintenance and updating features. The main benefit of using CMS is that websites are made faster as compared to other coding language like Java, Javascript, PHP etc.

One can make a attractive website easily within a couple of day by using plugins and themes. The website built can be maintained by multiple staff rather than a single person. The reason is that here complex coding is not involved, just maximum a basic knowledge of HTML is enough to work over it. Other typical task like adding buttons, creating menus, header, footer etc, can be optimize using cms functionalities.

Some popular CMS like: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc, are popular CMS to design and development website. Generally E-Commerce websites are developed using Magento, because to it’s reach features. Using WordPress we can develop dynamic websites, while using Drupal and Joomla, we can develop multiple user websites. If you are professional in CMS, you can make every type of websites in each CMS.

Some key feature of Content Management System are pointed below:

  • Interactive Experience
  • No need to be a web design professional
  • Affordability to start a small business
  • Site design can easily be updated

Web Development Institute is the best cms training institute in North Delhi region, provides quality training in Content Management System platform. Here the trainers are professional in web design and development industry. We give concept to the student about to develop a website using the CMS. We also give concept of woo-commerce CMS, plugins, CMS functionalities which includes- creating a web page , installing plugins and themes, writing content, creating menus & sub menus etc.