Digital Marketing : Development and strategies

Digital Marketing is the marketing done through online medium through internet with the objective to promote brands or website to increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. In other words we can say that in digital marketing we use digital channels to promote services to consumer and business. Digital marketing includes various categories – Search Engine Optimization(SEO), e-commerce marketing, Social Media Optimization and any other form of social media.

The term digital marketing was first use in 1990s in the form of advertising campaigns..Earlier Digital marketing was not so popular and marketing are done through the banner ads in the year 1993.But the banner ads are not so interactive that the could reach over maximum number of people. This was the first step to a new digital age.

In 1998 Google was founded and a major drastic changes begun to happen. This was the time when several blogging sites makes their place over the internet and soon first social networking sites like MySpace came and here was the beginning of new era in digital marketing. In 2003 facebook was founded and it did not take too long for companies to realize that they are provided with new opportunities new way of business to directly communicate with the consumers. That time Google started expanding and become the most popular search engine. It has become the boon for the marketing platform. Google also added options like Ad Words and Ad Sense to marketing potential.

Latest Development And Strategies:

In Digital Marketing Strategy works just we need food to live. It provides a frame work for development and implementation of key activities

1.Setting a Goal: First we need to set a goal which will increase your success of business. We cant go blind in this field. A lots of Strategy and precision is required to focus on.

2.Creating a Marketing Funnel: In this strategy we target the customer from the time when he was a stranger to the time when they becomes a lead for us. Marketing Funnel divided into four sections – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action

  1. Awareness: Potential customer always need for a thin they wants. At this stage we should attract the customer using a lead magnet or call to action
  2. Interest: At this stage we gives some information to customers and they are interested in what we said about the services. We should provide some additional information too showing them we are not giving them just a formal information but giving something specific to their needs that shows how we care our customer wants and needs.
  3. Desire: Here we give some more additional information and consultation and will show that we have something that they need by using e-mail and call to action
  4. Action: This is the time where we convert the consumers to lead generation All that’s left is discussing things like price, payment and other aspects of your product or service that are relevant to a buyer.

3.Developing a Call to Action: Call to Action(CTA) is a process in which visitor takes action by subscribing a newsletter or can request a product demo

4.Creating an effective Lead Magnet: A lead magnet can be used alone or along with a CTA. This will also be used either within your marketing funnel or as a way to drive potential customers into your funnel. Supply them with something relevant to your product or service that they want. Use your offers as a way to gather more information about a potential buyer while driving them further into your funnel at the same time.

5. Driving Traffic: Getting more and more customers to give traffic to our website by making quality content, keyword strategy, Website optimization and social media. Use content through blog posts and articles, give link to various places on website. Inserting related keywords into content will help website to show in more search results.

Digital Marketing has changed to a larger extent in last 2 decades. There are few search engines that are no loner to exist. So we need to keep an eye over the latest trends and keep our self up to date that continue to shape our digital future.


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