5 Tools Everyone In The Animation Industry Should Be Using

1.PhotoShop CS6 : It is a design tool by Adobe released in 2012 having enhanced performance with the previous version. Number of new features are added in this like Content Aware patch and Content Aware Move. New auto saving feature also introduced in it to prevent data from being lost if not saved.

Other new features are – background saving and, straighten tool.

2.Maya : This application focuses on 3D animation and full motion effects. Complex animation that seems difficult to implement can be possible by using this tool. Maya help companies to design 3D models, animation visual effects using its highly efficient and streamlined tool sets. Other features of Maya includes – Volume Attributes, Paint Effects Surface, Clip Matching, URI Support, File Path Handling, PySide Pythod Qt Binding, Inline Help, and much more.

3.GoAnimate : Its a cloud based video creation paltform in multiple styles including 2D Animation and white board animation. Here in this tool dialogues can be recorded directly in the form of audio file and characters can automatically adjust their lipsing accordingly. We can directly export our video to YouTube also

4.MudBox : It is 3D based painting tool developed by autodesk but it is primarily used for high resolution digital sculpting. Mudbox supports various extensions for importing and exporting like .obj, .fbx, and .bio files, as well as its own .mud format.Mudbox enhances its value by having Design visualization in it. Simple poly primitives can be created from within Mudbox, facilitating the creation of busts, props, terrain, etc.

5.Painter X3 : Painter X3 gives the real feeling of canvas. Its amazing tools and interface gives you a feeling of realistic stroke which makes each artist different from the other artist having Excellent replication of traditional media; Intuitive improvements; Good Photoshop and Wacom support; Affordable.


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